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  2. Wojtek Tomaszewski is a Polish industrial designer working in various creative fields.

    He studied at Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw and graduated in 2014.

    Wojtek is interested in responsible and human-centered design.
    He believes that designers’ role is to identify the essentials and
    create sustainable products and experiences that improve everyday life.
    Wojtek's work focuses on design of objects, spaces and visual communication
    with attention to materials and development techniques.

    Worked with:

    Paweł Jasiewicz Studio
    Raster Gallery
    The Aleksander Zelwerowicz National Academy of Dramatic Art in Warsaw

    Selected exhibitions & publications:


    "Coexistences", selection of works by designers involved in Experimental Wood Workshop at Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw
    Publication on Forbes Poland website. Article about design in Polish furniture industry


    WantedDesign New York, "NASZ | designed and manufactured in Poland"
    Brussels Design September, "NASZ | designed and manufactured in Poland"
    Designblok Prague, "Diploma Selection"
    Łódź Design Festival


    CAx Innovations Warsaw
    Łódź Design Festival, "Deep Need | empathy and design"
    Arena Design Poznań
    Publication in 2+3D magazine nr 48/2013
    First page on Furniture Served