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  1. Profil

    furniture collection

    Profil furniture collection is a result of a year long research project about sustainability which I conducted during my studies at Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. 

    I was investigating different methods of moulding plywood and developing new kind of structural components for the furniture industry that could replace solid wood in various applications. I modified forming process by laying down veneer leafs parallel to their wood grains. With this method I achieved rigid profiles capable of holding heavy loads. Three different furniture pieces present sturdiness of plywood profiles and introduce new formal language to the furniture industry.


    Profil was selected for Diploma Selection exhibition during Designblok Prague 2014.

  2. Process

    Hands-on approach is an essential part. It is the best way to understand characteristics of materials, work in actual scale on tangible object and think how it will work in context.
    Finally, it is the best way to revise the prototype before production.

  3. Sketchbook

    I always carry sketchbook with me. Drawing is very important in my design process.