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  1. Pliant

    concept of folding desk

    It is a known fact that people settle mainly in the cities. That’s a good occurrence but, on the other hand the cities are nowadays overpopulated and, as a result, we are lacking a space to live. our  Flats are shrinking and becoming more temporary, so we need to save even the smallest area without giving up the comfort.

    Pliant is a conceptual attempt addressing the problem of shrinking living space. It was designed for small flats, which need to accommodate living and working area. Its design is simple and puts emphasis on material honesty and functionality. The desk can be folded and placed against the wall. When closed it serves as a storage unit for all items that were on the desk or on the shelf above; then everything slides into special compartments placed at the back and stays secured and invisible until the Pliant is opened.

  2. Sketchbook and workshop