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  1. Woody

    for NASZ

    Woody is a classic and full of nostalgia wooden toy made from solid oak. It is inspired by my childhood fascination with sea. As a little kid I was always amazed by enormous tankers or transport ships and used to draw many of them. I tried to transfer this fascination into simple design product. Because of it’s warm and nostalgic appearance, Woody adds humour and joy to the home and creates cosy atmosphere wherever placed.

    Designed during PG13 course led by Tomek Rygalik at Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw


    Woody is a part of NASZ, designed and manufactured in Poland exhibiton. It was presented at Wanted Design in New York 2014, Brussels Design September 2014 and Łódź Design Festival 2014. 


    studio photos by Ernest Wińczyk

  2. Process