Stagepas 200



Stagepas 200 is a new addition to Yamaha’s PA (professional audio) system. Designed from the ground up, its a completely new product in the family for the first time including bluetooth and battery. This new design was focused on portability and versatility, and targeted at new users, musicians on-the-go, or small bands. Speaker was designed to be easy to use and carry around. The design affords the user with options to place the speaker at two angles and on a pole mount making it versatile for different scenarios.

Industrial Design
Design Lead


Stagepas line is dedicated to professional users, but with this product, we're opening the doors to a PA system for a wider audience. We designed Stagepas 200 to look professional while making an extra effort to simplify UI with new icons and no-frills functionality. The speaker is designed to keep the smallest footprint around the 12" driver. Design and details of Stagepas 200 create a coherent design language with it's older brother—Stagepas 1k.



The design team worked with styrofoam mockups to find an overall balance and understand speaker and details dimensions. Then we moved on to more refined prototypes, moulded in silicone forms. 

Stagepas 200 is the first battery-powered PA speaker by Yamaha and it took the engineering team a few prototypes to work out all the issues. The design team took the opportunity to perfect the stand design adding markings and little suggestive details that indicate where the stand should be attached. We also took extra time to find a good balance for the handle position and perfected details around it to avoid stress on users’ palms. We also worked on matching mould textures for rubber and plastic. 


Refining user experience

With a unique solution in its class, that lets users adapt the speaker to their needs by changing angles, we had to make sure that operations are simple and intuitive. We made numerous tests, each time making changes in labelling and instructions. Richer with information from usability tests, we designed moulded labels in rubber legs and added simple instructions. This proved to be an adequate solution to make the angle adjustment easy.

Prototype usability testing and discussions.

Y23_SP200_assembly.105 Y23_SP200_assembly.104